Journal Volume: 3

Susan Matthews: Blake, Sexuality and Bourgeois Politeness

Book Reviews Susan Matthews, Blake, Sexuality and Bourgeois Politeness (Cambridge Studies in Romanticism No. 88). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. 286 pp., 24 b/w illustrations. ISBN-13: 9780521513579 Luisa Calè ‘In an age of luxury woman aspires to the function of man and man slides into the offices of woman. The epoch of eunuchs was ever

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Critical Writing on William Cowper, 2011-2012

Periodical Articles, Essays, Notes Bilbro, Jeffrey, ‘Who Are Lost and How They’re found: Redemption and Theodicy in Wheatley, Newton, and Cowper’, Early American Literature, 47:3 (2012), 561-89. Chantler, Ashley, ‘Critical Writing on William Cowper, 1980-2010’, Cowper and Newton Journal, 2 (2012), 44-56. Curry, Neil, ‘“The Contrite Heart”: Cowper and George Herbert’, Cowper and Newton Journal,

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William Cowper, Hope, lines 75-110

To rise at noon, sit slipshod and undressed, To read the news or fiddle as seems best, Till half the world comes rattling at his door, To fill the dull vacuity till four, And just when evening turns the blue vault grey, To spend two hours in dressing for the day, 80 To make the

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Cowper’s Importance for George Eliot

Cowper’s poetry was an enthusiasm of George Eliot’s youth. The young MaryAnn Evans first read him at the Misses Franklin’s school in Coventry and he appears to have been one of her favourite authors in her early years.1 The residue of that youthful encounter was the ability she displayed throughout her life to quote from

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William Cowper and the Material World

No object is too small to prompt his song – not the sooty film on the bars, or the spoutless teapot holding a bit of mignonette that serves to cheer the town-lodging with ‘a hint that Nature lives’; and yet his song is never trivial, for he is alive to small objects, not because his

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