The predecessor to The Cowper and Newton Journal was The Cowper and Newton Bulletin.

Published in 8 volumes from 2002-2009, it contained museum news in each issue as well as one or more full-length scholarly articles and shorter notes.

Below is an index of these which can be used to locate the full article.

Articles published in The Cowper and Newton Bulletin Vols. 1 to 8

The John Newton International Center

The official opening of the John Newton Center took place on 11 January 2003, attended by Elizabeth and Charles Knight representing the Museum. A full report of this event will appear in the next issue of the Bulletin. Tom Martin, one of the founders of the Center, has kindly provided the following account of the

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The John Newton Project

Two years ago Nigel Pond introduced me to John Langlois, a senior elected member of the government in Guernsey, Channel Islands, and his wife Pat at the Cowper & Newton Museum’s Cowper Bicentenary Service. Now, a comparatively short time later, The John Newton Project is being established as a Christian charity under John’s chairmanship, with

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The Lordship of the Manor of Olney

People often ask me: ‘What does the title “Lord of the Manor” actually mean?’ Lordships of the Manor pre-date the Norman Conquest, and Olney was in the possession of Burgred, a powerful Saxon noble, prior to 1066. A Manor is defined as an area of land that formed a selfcontained unit granted by the king.

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The Olney Hymns

This paper was delivered in Leicester as an invited lecture at the annual conference of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 23 July 2002. It has been revised for publication. Thanks are due to the Hymn Society for their kind permission for the text to appear in this journal. On 13 October 1928,

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The Reverend Morley Unwin and his Family

Morley Unwin, the second son of Thomas and Martha, was baptised on 31 July 1704 at Saint Peter Cornhill, London. Thomas Unwin was a goldsmith. Morley’s parents were married as soon as Thomas completed his apprenticeship. Their firstborn son, another Thomas, is listed as being baptised in 1702 followed by Morley, four more sons and

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The Weather House

This delightful engraving was something of a mystery to me until recently, when I stumbled upon its original source. I was familiar with elements of it, especially the three hares, which appear on a snuffbox in the museum, and the whole design, or parts of it, have been used from time to time to illustrate

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William Cowper as a Prophet for Today?

‘How are anyone’s interests served if Privy Councillors can openly flout the Official Secrets Act? Why should anyone keep the law if ministers do not?’ I came across this in a recent editorial in one of the broadsheets in connection with Clare Short’s transgression of the normal rules of Cabinet confidentiality. It brought to mind

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