The Kitchen

The main entrance to the Museum is through the kitchen, just as it so often was when Cowper & Mrs Unwin lived here. John Newton also used this route, taking a short cut from his home at the Vicarage.

‘ … when to our unspeakable surprise, a mob appeared before the window; a smart rap was heard at the door, the boys halloo’d, and the maid announced Mr. Grenville.  Puss (one of the hares) was unfortunately let out of her box, so that the candidate, with all his good friends at his heels, was refused admittance at the grand entry, and referred to the back door, as the only possible way of approach.’

Letter from William to John Newton 29th March 1784


Discover here how the Museum was founded in 1900 by local school teacher, author and collector, Thomas Wright & William Collingridge who donated the house to become the Museum.

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