Journal Volume: 9

William Cowper of the Inner Temple

[The following is a shortened version of an article by Dr C.M. Rider, Archivist to the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, which first appeared in The Inner Temple Yearbook 2003/4, pp. 30-32. It is reprinted by kind permission of the author.] When William Cowper’s first volume of poems was published by Joseph Johnson of

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The Winner of Sorrow: a Novel by Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch is an Irish poet and scriptwriter: this is his first novel. It is a richly textured, tragi-comic exploration of the life of William Cowper, a fellow-poet with whom he clearly feels a deep affinity. He insists that it is not a biography, but it would be fair to classify it as ‘fictionalised biography’,

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The Weather House

This delightful engraving was something of a mystery to me until recently, when I stumbled upon its original source. I was familiar with elements of it, especially the three hares, which appear on a snuffbox in the museum, and the whole design, or parts of it, has been used from time to time to illustrate

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The Reverend Morley Unwin and his Family

Morley Unwin, the second son of Thomas and Martha, was baptised on 31 July 1704 at Saint Peter Cornhill, London. Thomas Unwin was a goldsmith. Morley’s parents were married as soon as Thomas completed his apprenticeship. Their firstborn son, another Thomas, is listed as being baptised in 1702 followed by Morley, four more sons and

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The Olney Hymns

[This paper was delivered in Leicester as an invited lecture at the annual conference of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 23 July 2002. It has been revised for publication. Thanks are due to the Hymn Society for their kind permission for the text to appear in this journal.] On 13 October 1928,

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The Cowper Johnson Archive

A highlight of the years covered by this retrospective issue of the journal was the acquisition of the Cowper Johnson Archive. It was offered to the Trustees by Bonhams auction house in 2006, on condition that we could raise the purchase price of £220,000 within six months. If we failed to do so, the archive

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Texts on the Wall of Newton’s Study

If you have visited John Newton’s attic study in what is now the Old Vicarage at Olney, you will have seen these two texts which he kept on the wall as reminders to himself: Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable. Isaiah 43:4 BUT Thou shalt remember that thou wast a

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Recalling Adam’s Dream: A Note on Keats and Cowper

The Imagination may be compared to Adam’s dream – he awoke and found it truth. To Benjamin Bailey, 22 Nov. 18171 Keats’s reference to Adam’s dream recalls that section of Book VIII of Milton’s Paradise Lost in which Adam tells the angel Raphael what he remembers of his creation and entry into conscious life. A

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How did Cowper Love Women?

Academics enjoy few things more than formulating questions and then refusing to answer them. This article is no exception, as it asks the question ‘How did Cowper love women?’ and then suggests that the question cannot, in the final analysis, be answered at all. Or rather, I would argue, such questions can be answered –

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