Amazing Grace – John Newton in Olney

‘The Parish is large, the prosect pleasing and demands close attendance.  Besides, every day brings something unforeseen of its own.’

A new room dedicated to John Newton’s life in Olney as curate of St Peter & St Paul. With his friend Cowper, they wrote hymns for the people of Olney – the most famous today being ‘Amazing Grace’

Changing displays of pictures, objects, books & manuscripts which tell you more about his personal life in Olney & how he grew his congregation.

Find out how William & John first met in Huntingdon & why a move to the town of Olney was made.

Discover the earliest tunes associated with the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ and the development of the tune we know today.


‘We have now and again a new hymn at Olney; I am willing to send your Lordship a specimen, Mr Cowper’s I shall mark with a W.C.’


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