Journal Volume: 8

Cowper and Berkhamsted: Memories and Memorials

Given his reputation as the poet who celebrated domestic life, little affection for a specific home or homes emerges from Cowper’s poems or letters. Especially during the years shortly before and after his and Mrs Unwin’s removal from Olney to Weston, it is striking how he describes the time at Orchard Side – the place

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Cowper’s ‘The Snail’

I am a kind of human snail, locked in and condemned by my own nature. The antients believed that the moist track left by the snail as it crept was the snail’s own essence, depleting its body little by little; the farther the snail toiled, the smaller it became, until it finally rubbed itself out.

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Cowper Away: a Summer in Sussex

PLEASE NOTE: this is a text only article. The full article is in ‘The Cowper & Newton Journal Volume 8: 2018 SPECIAL ISSUE: Cowper: Home and Away Guest editor: Katherine Turner ‘How should I who have not journey’d 20 miles from home these 20 years, how should I possibly reach your country?’1 This was Cowper’s

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