Journal Volume: 6

Victorian Valuations of William Cowper

Victorian Valuations of William Cowper Malcolm Hicks ‘I have found what I have been looking for all my life, a poet whom I can read on a Sunday.’ Thus rejoiced Hannah More, in several ways a kindred spirit of Cowper’s, on receipt of a copy of The Task a generation prior to Victoria’s accession to

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Cowper, Slave Narratives, and the Antebellum American Reading Public

Cowper, Slave Narratives, and the Antebellum American Reading Public Katherine Turner The influence of William Cowper’s anti-slavery poems on the abolitionist cause has long been acknowledged, but in rather generalised terms that fail to acknowledge the complexity of his impact on anti-slavery discourse and of his reputation at large, especially in America. This essay describes

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John Wordsworth as Cowper’s ‘Cast-away’

John Wordsworth as Cowper’s ‘Cast-away’ Tom Clucas Abstract The three elegies that Wordsworth wrote after the death of his brother John in 1805 contain echoes of Cowper’s poem ‘The Cast-away’. Wordsworth first encountered this poem shortly before John drowned, in volume two of Hayley’s work The Life, and Posthumous Writings, of William Cowper. Wordsworth’s echoes

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Byron’s Cowper: a Re-appraisal

There are many ways of coming at the relationship between Byron and Cowper as persons and poets. A perceptive short article on the poets in The Athenaeum in 1834 suggested that: Cowper and Byron may be compared together for the alternations of gaiety and gravity in their works. The author of ‘Childe Harold’ was the

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