Journal Volume: 2

Book Reviews

Thomas Simmons, Imperial Affliction: Eighteenth-Century British Poets and Their Twentieth-Century Lives. New York etc.: Peter Lang, 2010. (Postcolonial Studies 11). xiii + 182pp. ISBN 978-1-4331-0872-3. W. B. Hutchings Thomas Simmons’s Imperial Affliction is an intimate and personal study of a number of eighteenth-century poets (and prose writers) and some of their modern readers. It is

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Bibliography: Critical Writing on William Cowper, 1980-2010

This bibliography is split into two parts: Periodical Articles, Essays, Notes Books and Chapters The works listed contain substantial discussions of Cowper. Excluded are dissertations, editions of Cowper’s writing, online texts, and reviews. For critical writing published before 1980, consult the bibliographies in the following: William Cowper, The Task and Selected Other Poems, ed. James

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William and Theadora: An Early Love Affair

William and Theadora: An Early Love Affair Neil Curry [An edited version of a talk given by the author at the Cowper Day held in Olney on 10 September 2011] I find myself wondering sometimes whether the sophistication of the recording devices available to us today might not have blunted our memories somewhat, and perhaps

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