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1st-28th May The Magic of Creativity

by Susan Wilson, Diana Tybjerg, Carolyn Moore

This exhibition finishes on 28/05/2024

The Magic of Creativity

1st-28th May

The Magic of Creativity features work from three local artists – ‘Beads to Bedazzle’ costume jewellery from Susan Wilson, embroiderer and lace maker Diana Tybjerg and ‘See-Glass’ glass-fusing from Carolyn Moore.

Beads to Bedazzle – Susan Wilson

Graduated from The New York School of Interior Design.

Assistant to Audre Fiber at ‘Audre Fiber Interiors’ Fifth Avenue, New York working on residential properties in Manhattan.

Moved to San Francisco to work with ‘Emily Novak Interiors’ working on corporate office design projects, mainly in the banking sector.

Returned to the U.K. to establish Susan Barker Design in Sedley Place, Oxford Street, London working on both residential and commercial interiors.

Located, designed and facilitated the opening of ‘The Best of British’ retail outlet in Museum Street, London.  The store was a showcase for the work of contemporary artists and crafts makers.

Settled in Olney, Buckinghamshire to bring up family of three children.  During this period set up the ‘Children’s Collection’ shop specializing in hand made clothes and toys, employing local talent.

Following on from this established ‘Olney Originals’ made to measure fashion together with a colleague.   Won an Enterprise Development Award in Milton Keynes.  Worked with leading designers such as Bruce Oldfield.  Appeared on Morning T.V. with three clients to demonstrate made to measure methods.

For the last 15 years I have been designing costume jewellery including commissioned pieces. I specialize in using semi-precious gem stones, pearls, crystals and handmade glass beads.  Every piece is unique. I am continually searching for gemstones and beads to try new combinations in my necklaces. I take inspiration from many sources including paintings, the Ballets Russes, films and many more. I have a lovely studio and am never happier than when I put on some beautiful cello music and create my jewellery.

Textile Artist Diana Tybjerg

Diana Tybjerg is a local embroiderer and lacemaker, she has been embroidering since she was young, but has only been making lace for 45 years. She is a member of MK Embroidery and a tutor member of Olney Lace Circle.

She started her working life in a pharmacology research lab. and was part of the team that worked to bring aerosol inhalers on line. Then, after a variety of projects, helping to set up and run the electron microscopy unit.

After getting married and moving to Suffolk, she worked for a flavour company, developing product ranges for food producers, in her spare time still being creative in textiles.

After the birth of her daughter and son, and moving again, she learnt to make bobbin lace and then, happily, another move brought her to Olney and she was welcomed into the Lace Circle by Liz Knight.

A joyful time working at the playgroup was followed by 10 years at Adult Continuing Education as their receptionist, and also teaching embroidery and lacemaking. During this time she was also part of the team at bespoke dress designers, Olney Originals helping to bead and embroider their amazing creations.

Having taught many children and adults lacemaking over the years, she now embroiders the birds she loves in her spare time, while also exploring many different embroidery techniques, but continuing to support the Lace Circle members in developing their skills and joining them demonstrating lacemaking at various local events.


See-glass – Carolyn Moore

I began glass-fusing several years ago. The main process is to fuse various grades of sugar-like crystals between two pieces of glass. However, plain glass can be melted over glass fibre to produce a ghostly outline which can be seen in some of my underwater pieces. I sometimes use special glass paints in my designs which I usually paint on the top layer of glass.  Copper wire, copper and silver foils can also be incorporated into a piece which always lends an element of suspense to the firing process as they seldom fire exactly the same twice!!

I find that glass-fusing lends itself to themes from the natural world, so you will see certain ones recurring in my work. I am also influenced by the seasons: autumn for its moods and colours; summer for its brightness and greenness and the play of sunlight on glass or water; winter for its stark outlines.

I do sometimes take my inspiration from artists I admire or from other cultures. It is always challenging to translate their ideas into fused glass as colours can’t be mixed in the same way, and the number of colours available is limited.

Fused glass, although basically two-dimensional, can be flat, like a picture or coaster, or fired again at a lower temperature to be slumped into a mould which creates a dish or a more sculptural piece. It can be framed or mounted on a stand and is best displayed with light pouring through it or reflecting off it so that the vibrancy of the colours can be seen.


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