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Olney Water

by Wayne Warren

This exhibition finishes on 29/06/2024

‘Olney Water’

An exhibition of contemporary acrylic paintings

By Wayne Warren

1st-29th June

Tuesdays to Saturdays 11am – 4.30pm



Plus an Intervention Art Trail

throughout the Cowper & Newton Museum and Gardens

1st June – 30th September




‘My art is about questioning values and individual expression’

‘I use words and images as points of departure. Coupled with a desire to look and experiment with different materials, the work oscillates between figurative and abstract, aiming to maintains a fresh quality and sense of humour’

Wayne Warren was born and lived in Olney for 10 years. Initially his family lived in a condemned house on the corner of Spring Lane and West Street, but later moved to a council house in Dagnall Road. He was educated at Olney County Primary School.

When playing by the river, Wayne’s father used to make little boats for him from reeds in the River Ouse. Wayne recently made a lovely little bronze reed boat  which is in our exhibition. His grandmother owned the Boot Public House in Olney, at the Bridge Street end of Lime Street.

Wayne’s Intervention Show in the Museum House and Gardens  and his ‘Olney Water’ exhibition are very much for him – a homage to his early years in the town. Wayne  repurposes existing work and has commissioned work from artist friends, Jon Wright, Jayne Dyer, Andy Holden, and Tony Trehy. He has made several new pieces in his studio for this  intervention exhibition..

The Intervention Art Trail around the Museum and Gardens reflects Wayne’s intriguing interpretation of elements of the cultural significance of Cowper and Newton in a contemporary twenty-first century way. This will be a multi-media display.

This is a unique opportunity for the Museum to create a very different art exhibition with an internationally established contemporary artist and, but more importantly to present an artistic journey throughout the museum building and the gardens with real twenty-first century appeal and relevance.

In the Three Hares Gallery exhibition ‘Olney Water’ Wayne exhibits contemporary acrylic paintings using water from the River Ouse and some mixed media work.

A graduate of Exeter University and the Royal Academy , Wayne has established himself as a contemporary artist in two and three-dimensional pieces. His work highlights the consumer’s fixation with materialism and challenges the market valuation of goods.

Most commended for his work with gold, Wayne has been called a ‘twenty-first century Midas… with diametrically opposite intentions’ – taking patently uncelebrated items and converting them into “treasure”  two examples being Executive Excess Gold Dress , or the Guinea Coin.

Wayne’s work has been exhibited at Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery, Worcester Cathedral  and London, and internationally in  New York, Madrid, Hong Kong, and at the Venice Biennale. Over the years he has also been part of international group exhibitions, presentations, acclaimed reviews and essays, with awards, residencies and fellowships.

His works are featured in many important collections around the world.


Recent Exhibitions


Babel – The Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre ( with Jon Wright)

East to West – ( curated exhibition )


The Commandery Museum, Worcester.

Paint – Street Art (jointly curated exhibition )

Instillation, Manchester Contemporary

Art House, Worcester University

Gold Instillation, Manchester Contemporary

Doors, The Baptistry, Worcester Cathedral, Worcester
Modern Archeology, Instillation at the Commandery, Worcester.

See more art by Wayne –  catalogues and reviews  at

And his colleagues at:

Olney Water 


Intervention Art Trail






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