A warm welcome for her second exhibition in our Gallery to Charlotte Prior.  Charlotte’s exhibition is titled ‘Fabric’ and shows textiles consisting of 2-D and 3-D work on this theme.

Inspired by the use of colour, Charlotte has been drawn to the work of Mark Rothko and Expressionism. Textiles become both the palette and the canvas, creating slabs of colour.

About the Artist

Charlotte is Influenced by the writing of Susan Sontag and is drawn to the relationship between the theory and practise of art and design. By examining the world around us and observing how this translates through the lens of a camera, her work is based around photography, and constructed textiles, capturing the textured world.

Having studied Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Charlotte has chosen to use photography and textiles as a medium for exploring the visual identity of texture.

Everyday objects, stillness and movement, the world inside and out have become themes central to her work.