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Tamsin Edwards and Marlene Snee – Free Art Exhibition

by Tamsin Edwards & Marlene Snee

This exhibition finishes on 29/07/2022


Free Art Exhibition

Tamsin Edwards

I consider myself to be an intuitive artist, just allowing my creative whims to emerge by themselves.  Sometimes I simply start with a blank sheet with no final idea to the finished artwork, and just let my imagination have free rein.  The results can be unpredictable, often whimsical and frequently rather quirky.

My work is often described as illustrative, and I have been commissioned in the past to create images for several books.  I have of course gained great satisfaction from seeing my illustrations in print.

I generally work in ink and watercolour, but in more frequent years, I have enjoyed dabbling in other mediums.  I do love the way that watercolour merges and blurs into other colours though, often with a fluidity that other mediums do not always have.

As well as my fantastical and humourous illustrations, I also enjoy creating atmospheric landscapes.  Winter scenes especially fascinate me, as it can be such an evocative season of the year. Trees and water also hold a great attraction, and my paintings often reflect this love of nature.

I studied art during the 1980s at both Northampton and Derby, however I feel that much of my style has been developed since those art school years.  Simply practicing and experimenting really is the best way to learn how to create.

Further examples of my work can be viewed at:


Marlene Snee

I am a Northamptonshire based artist who’s inspiration comes from my love of nature, my local countryside and some of the lovely places I have visited around the world.

Most of my work is in watercolour, as I am endlessly fascinated by the wonderful luminosity and transparency of colour and the slight unpredictability of this medium, which makes it very exciting.

A lot of my work is in a colourful, loose and experimental style, which allows me to use my imagination and create art of a more personal nature.

For some years now I have also been practising the ancient art of Chinese Brush Painting, which tries to capture the essence and spirit of an object, rather than reproducing it as it is seen.

I love the simplicity and spontaneity of this art form and find it a constant challenge, but also a source of great pleasure and satisfaction.

More recently I have been learning linocut printing, a completely different approach to creating an image, but no less fascinating.

I love every stage of the process of creating a print, from drawing out the initial idea to transferring the image, cutting the lino and the stages of printing to when it all comes together in the final print.

To portray my chosen subject matter, which ranges from landscapes to flowers, the human form to animals, I also enjoy using pastels and mixed media.

To see more of my work, follow the links below.


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