Museum News and Research Articles from our Archive

The predecessor to The Cowper and Newton Journal was The Cowper and Newton Bulletin.

Published in 8 volumes from 2002-2009, it contained museum news in each issue as well as one or more full-length scholarly articles and shorter notes.

Below is an index of these which can be used to locate the full article.

Articles published in The Cowper and Newton Bulletin Vols. 1 to 8

Cowper's Woodman IllustratedVincent NeweyVol. 1 No 1
Detached Cowper and his Critical EyeAshley ChantlerVol. 1 No 1
Tasking the Mind: Understanding 'unstood’ in Cowper’s ‘Yardley Oak’
Michael DaviesVol. 1 No 1
Computerised Index to the Olney HymnsGeorge DaviesVol. 1 No 2
The John Newton ProjectMarylynn RouseVol. 1 No 2
The Evangelical Tradition in Olney in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesJoan McKillopVol. 1 No 2
A Bust of CowperVincent NeweyVol. 1 No 2
Report of an Adjudged CaseGeorge DaviesVol. 1 No 3
Cowper's Garden ProgenyVincent NeweyVol. 1 No 3
The John Newton International CenterTom MartinVol. 1 No 4
K.E. Smith, William Cowper: A ReappraisalW.B. HutchingsVol. 1 No 4
Literary GenesTony SewardVol. 1 No 4
Amazing GraceJoan McKillopVol. 2 No 1
Cartogenic Cowper Vincent NeweyVol. 2 No 1
'Many a Trembling Chord': Lady Austen as MuseK.E SmithVol. 2 No 2
The Olney HymnsVincent NeweyVol. 2 No 3
A Newly Discovered Letter by John NewtonJoan McKillopVol. 2 No 3
William Cowper of the Inner TempleClare RiderVol. 2 No 4
Military Life in the Eighteenth CenturyJoan McKillopVol. 2 No 4
Cowper and his HaresNicola DurbridgeVol. 3 No 1
How did Cowper Love Women?Conrad BrunstromVol. 3 No 2
William Cowper as a Prophet for Today?Keith ArnoldVol. 3 No 2
Slave ShipsJames WalvinVol. 3 No 3
John Higgins of Turvey AbbeyJoan McKillopVol. 3 No 3
The Lordship of the Manor of OlneyMartin ThackerVol. 3 No 3
Two Curates, Two Baptists, and a Poet: Olney and the abolition of the Atlantic slave tradeThomas MartinVol. 4 No 1
Texts on the Wall of Newton's StudyMarylynn RouseVol. 4 No 1
'The clouds ye so much dread Are big with mercy...' Were they?Richard HarriesVol. 4 No 2
A Tune Called CowperVincent & Susan NeweyVol. 4 No 2
Conrad Brunstrom, William Cowper: Religion, Satire, SocietyMichael DaviesVol. 4 No 2
'This sad non-identity': Clare, Cowper and 'madness'John GoodridgeVol. 4 No 3
The Sights of Weston UnderwoodSarah RutherfordVol. 5 No 1
The Summer House GardenElizabeth KnightVol. 5 No 1
A Guide through Grief: John Newton’s pastoral care for William CowperReggie WeemsVol. 5 No 2
Cowper’s EnglandJohn BetjemanVol. 5 No 2
The Cowper Johnson Archive Part 1BonhamsVol. 5 No 3
The Cowper Johnson Archive Part 2BonhamsVol. 6 No 1
Shaping Grace: The spiritual autobiographies of John Bunyan, John Newton and William CowperMichael DaviesVol. 6 No 1
The Bull/Cowper/Newton ConnectionRobert B WatsonVol. 6 No 2
The Neat and Untidy Cowper. Gavin Hopps and Jane Stabler (eds.), Romanticism and Religion: From William Cowper to Wallace StevensAshley ChantlerVol. 6 No 3
Is the Cowper Collection of National Importance?Crispin PaineVol. 7 No 1
The Weather HouseTony SewardVol. 7 No 1
Calling William Cowper: A visit to the Cowper and Newton Museum
Tony E WarnerVol. 7 No 2
Nature and Religion in the Writings of William Cowper
Laura RalphVol. 7 No 3
‘Upon the Rack’: George Herbert, William Cowper and the discourse of dis/abilityHolly Faith Nelson & Laura RalphVol. 8 No 1
Obituary: Sylvia Bull (1946-2009)Elizabeth KnightVol. 8 No 2
Obituary: George Davies (1937-2009)Tony SewardVol. 8 No 2
The Reverend Morley Unwin and his FamilyJoan JonesVol. 8 No 3
Cowper in SwedenNeita LundquistVol. 8 No 3
Recalling Adam’s Dream: A note on Keats and CowperVincent NeweyVol. 8 No 3