We’re delighted to be able to give a warm welcome to the Olney Art Group, who are exhibiting with us throughout March 2019.   The group is showing a range of works in different media, demonstrating what a pool of artistic talent we have here in Olney.

We asked Ken to tell us a little about the group and its formation:

“Founded in 1999, the Olney Art Group is a long standing group of about 20 local professional, semi professional and beginner artists who share a love of ‘all things art’!

Originally we were part of MK Adult Continuing Education, but decided after a while that we would ‘go independent’. We feel that this gives us the freedom to obtain guest tutors from time to time, and to develop our own personal painting interests.

We meet once a week at the Community Centre (behind the Library) on a Friday morning and the current display at  The Hares Gallery showcases just a small example of our large range of interesting artwork.

Most paintings on show are for sale, and some of the artists on display will work on private commissions ranging from portraits to your favourite pet! Please speak with a member of staff at the Museum for more contact details.

Professional artist, Angie Selby, one of the original members of the Group, recalls her first attempts at art.

‘I have always loved drawing and painting, and am inspired – and continue to be – by my love of Nature. I specialise in coloured pencils which began following an inspirational demonstration of giraffes! It’s not an easy medium to work with, but I like the challenge of creating and building up detail which is difficult with watercolour or pure pastels. But at the end of the day, we’re all continuing to try to create that special stunning effect in whatever medium!’

Don, a newish member of the Group agrees  ‘all of us are spurred on as we recall Ralph Waldo Emerson’s comment that “every artist was first an amateur!’ Don comments in particular on some of his favourite paintings that he has seen from the Group: Josie’s wonderful dogs captured in acrylic, Ken’s fantastic picture of Olney, Rujni’s terrific display of daisies. Most of the paintings described here, along with others are currently on display in the Gallery.

Also, displayed on an easel just outside of the Gallery, is Don’s own original glass structure. He says that it was originally painted at a watercolour taught class. His son took a photograph of it and as an experiment successfully transferred the original picture onto a large glass disc. Do take a look at this original piece of ‘sculpture/art’ when visiting the Exhibition.

If you’re passing the Olney Community Centre on a Friday, and if it’s around 11 am, do pop in and meet us; we might even offer you a coffee and biscuit!

Our next Exhibition will be in October at the Centre and look forward to seeing you there if not before!

Ken Knowles

Here are some of the lovely works on display – as Ken says above, many are for sale so this is the perfect opportunity to acquire an original piece of art at a reasonable price.