The children of Olney Middle School are proud to present their very own Art Exhibition;

“Inspiring learning through Art”

The children have been working hard on their own individual year group projects, and have really excelled producing some excellent pieces of work.  The offer to hold an exhibition of their work at the Three Hares Gallery was an amazing opportunity, which as a school we have grasped with both hands. Here is a brief outline of what topics each year group has been looking at.

H2Woah! Year 3

Year 3 have been following the journey of a drop water as it makes its way through the whole water system — from rivers and seas, to clouds, rain and mountains. We have also been finding out about the amazing creatures and plants that can be found in our rivers and oceans.

Incredible Industry – Year 4

The children have been transported to the time of the Victorians this term and have been learning about the Industrial revolution, incredible inventions, the ‘Great Exhibition’ and so much more! They have also explored what life was like for children at that time including smelling gruel!  They have read several stories including ‘The Runaways’ and ‘Street Child’. The topic will be brought to life when they visit Ironbridge.

Dragon Dynasty – Year 5

Over the last term, we have been learning about China.  Finding out about the geographical features of the country, researching the culture, language, history and even making our very own Chinese dragons and learning a dance or two!

Peace in our time – Year 6

Although this is a very busy time for Year 6, we are still able to show off their artistic talent through class-based work and homework.  They have been exploring the causes and effects of WW1 and WW2. They have got to understand and learn the answers to questions such as: What was the Christmas Day Truce? Why did World War 2 happen? Who was Winston Churchill? How did Britain survive this period in history? They have visited The Holocaust Education Centre in Newark, which is specially designed for KS2 children and providing an invaluable experience.  Children have made Anderson Shelters, Bunkers and war medals to name a few.  They have also created some very moving Blitz pictures which if you close your eyes you can hear the bombs exploding and sense the fear showing what life was actually like during these times.  The talent is unbelievable and the standard of work is very high.  The work shown certainly deserves its place here in the gallery, if only there was space to put it all up!