Amazing Lace 250 Competition

Amazing Lace 250 Competition

‘Amazing Lace 250’ is an online competition.

In commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the world famous hymn ‘Amazing Grace’, we want to commission an original piece of lace based on this theme, through an online competition.  The winning entry will receive £500 and the piece of lace will become the sole property of the museum and go on permanent exhibition.

Composed by the Reverend John Newton in the weeks leading up to his New Year’s Day service at St Peter & St Paul Church on 1st January 1773, the hymn – in various musical styles – has gone on to inspire countless people and has even become known in America as the nation’s “spiritual anthem”.

Please read the following specification and the competition rules and entry instructions carefully before planning, making and submitting your entry:


COMPETITION ENTRY:  Lace Making Specifications

  1. Your piece of lace must be based on the John Newton hymn Amazing Grace.
  2. It must be a traditional lace made in a traditional style and should be of a high standard of workmanship.
  3. The piece must be worked in white.
  4. Your pattern must contain a significant element of Buckinghamshire Point design. However it can use a mix of patterns and techniques.
  5. Patterns can be old or new, original, published or unpublished. You should state the origin of patterns when submitting your entry, i.e. any named bobbin lace, e.g. Torchon, Bedfordshire, Maltese, Cluny etc.
  6. Your piece must be able to display on a wall.
  7. Your piece must be no larger than 75cm x 100cm and no smaller than 30cm x 50cm. Any size and shape within these parameters are acceptable.


a)  Please submit by 30th September 2021.
b)  Download and complete this form:  Amazing Lace 250 Entry Form 2021

c)  Submit your entry via email using the email title “Amazing Lace 250 Competition Entry” to:

d) Your entry to include a sketch design, giving dimensions of your finished piece with a description in writing (no more that 50 words) about how your design relates to Amazing Grace.

e) An entry fee of £5 to be paid via Art Tickets by following this link:  Click here to pay entry fee

Please note:  Designs and written descriptions may be used at a future date by the museum for display or advertising purposes either in hard copy or online.

COMPETITION ENTRY:  STAGE 2 – Photograph of finished piece of lace

a)  Please submit by 31st May 2022.

b)  Submit a photograph of your finished (or nearly finished) piece of lace with a description of the materials and patterns used.

c)  Submit your entry via email using the email title “Amazing Lace 250 Competition Entry” to:


a)  A panel of expert lace makers, Cowper and Newton Trustees, staff and volunteers will choose the best 20 entrants from these photographs and invite the contributors to send their finished pieces of lace to the museum by 31st July 2022.

b)  The 20 pieces and their descriptions will form a temporary display in the museum from September to December 2022.  Photographs of the finished pieces will also form an online exhibition on The Cowper and Newton website.

c)  Visitors to the museum will be invited to vote for the piece they like the best. Their choice, along with the votes of the original panel will identify the winner.

d)  The 19 unsuccessful entrants will have their pieces returned to them at the end of the exhibition, provided the correct return postage is included.

COMPETITION:  STAGE 4 – Announcing the Winner!

The winning entrant will receive the prize of £500.  This prize will form the purchase price of the winning piece for The Cowper and Newton Museum along with any photographs and descriptions and patterns used.

The winning piece will go on permanent display in 2023 –  the 250th anniversary year of Amazing Grace. It will become part of the museum’s permanent lace collection.



Date: Sketch entries, entry forms and written descriptions must be submitted by email to The Cowper & Newton Museum by September 30th 2021.

A separate entry fee of £5 and separate entry forms is required for each entry submitted. Children’s entries under 15 years of age are free.  Entrants 15 years and above not submitting an entry fee will not be considered.

Photographs must be in colour.

The competition is open to all lacemakers, individuals and groups. Your entry must not have been entered for any other competition.

The final 20 pieces will be chosen by a panel appointed by The Cowper & Newton Museum and will consist of Trustees and Volunteers including those with a knowledge of lace techniques and design.

The final 20 will be contacted with rules for submitting their finished piece. For impartial judging items must not bear any mark or label which can identify the entrant.

The final 20 will form an exhibition on ‘Amazing Lace’ throughout The Cowper & Newton Museum.

The winner will be judged by the original panel of judges and by visitors to the exhibition

The Cowper and Newton Museum reserves the right to use the images of all entrants for publicity exhibition and educational purposes.

The winner of the competition will be notified and invited to the museum at their own expense to collect their prize of £500. The winning piece of lace, its pattern, photographs and any other associated materials will become the sole property of The Cowper & Newton Museum.

The remaining 19 entrants will be returned at the close of the exhibition either by collection from The Cowper and Newton Museum or by post if the correct postage has been provided.

Good Luck!


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