I am Jen Davies – Ethereal Artist.  I employ different styles, mediums and subjects.  Abstract to figurative, oils or acrylics to mixed media, portraits, landscapes or mindscapes.  What is important to me is that I engage emotionally or spiritually and can express this on canvas ,experiencing the joy of losing myself in the process

What inspires me is art that points to some quality that is overlooked, like the rainbow beauty of oil in a puddle, reflections and shadows, the essence of a person, the magic of light energy and imagination, evoking an emotion.

Although my work is an expression for me, if it holds a mirror to a truth or a beauty within you, if it calms you or moves you in any way, then I have achieved my purpose.

Tara has made me aware of the direction I want my art to take and we will be collaborating next year on an ‘Art for Mental Health’ project.

I am Tara Nappin – Nature’s Messenger

My passion for naïve photography came to me by accident, when I sought to calm my mind and find peace through creativity.  I am in awe of nature and nature itself is the artwork – I feel I channel rather than create.

My recent work has its roots in my own recovery.  Nature is my healer, providing me a safe place to meditate on the infinite variety and beauty it portrays.  It allowed me to still my mind and connect to my creative centre.   I began a process of gathering tiny flowers, leaves, twigs, snails and stones to form small installations that I photographed.   I was bringing these amazing treasures together for peaceful wall art that would connect me back to my feelings of wonder and serenity that I felt through my meditations

Stowe Cascade by Jen Davies