Bucks Art Weeks (formerly known as Bucks Open Studios) runs this year from 9th to 24th June.  As before, the Three Hares Gallery will be participating in this event which encourages the public to visit any of over 500 makers and artists in over 200 working studios, galleries, churches and town hall across the county.

Our own Three Hares Gallery is showing the work of June Kingsbury and here she writes of her inspiration:

I am nearly three years old. My father is carrying me on his shoulders down to the river to feed the swans.  I walk part of the way and fill my pockets with banded snails, Cepaea Hortensis. Feathers.  Small treasures.

My father was for a time a shepherd. We learn the names of the trees, of the flowers and birds. My mother collected the broken glass from church windows, my grandfather a glassblower in the Netherlands.

I am half Dutch. Stories of war and of loss. I am half English, trout swimming, birds singing, summer green and endless, leaves falling in autumn.

In my pocket, a leaf, the brilliant iridescent blue banded feather of a jay.

In my hands a memory. On the table an accumulation of small treasures. Poetry stones of clay, creatures of the forest, antlers, a wren. Windows of brilliant cast glass – colour, diamonds of light. By my side a granddaughter, small stones, a leaf, a feather.

Come along to the Gallery to see June’s work inspired by these reflections and enjoy this foremost artist

Cloud Pots